• Bird Doctor

    Still practices medicine and looks for towels on the beach
  • Nice Day Phil

    Weight lifter and poet, a South Beach Icon who will be missed
  • Balancer

    Continues to out talk everyone
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Lights are on but nobody is home. Nelson Enjoys long conversations with the South Beach Sand.

Coaches Profiles

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  • 1975

    Christine was a Legal Secretary.  She lived in California and designed astrological charts - died July 6th on her 80th

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  • 1976

    Luis Works in the Miami Post office, married a mail order bride from Honduras

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  • 1977

    Bill died in 1987 - Tripped over heater and asfixiated

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  • 1978

    Henry lives in Surfside and works in the Hollywood Post office. Raven introduced him to his wife in 1973

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  • 1979

    Al died in 1980, 1 year after Raven brought him home from a heart attack

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  • 1980

    Bob is still checking banana prices, cameback to Miami in 2009 but left for cheaper pastures.

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  • 1981

    Anna never married.  She died in 2004 at age of 88 in England

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  • 1982

    Margaret lives in Flagler Beach, Florida raising wolf dogs

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  • 1983

    Earl sold his healthfood store and moved to Thailand with his son

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  • 1984

    Jose was the first can collector in Miami Beach. Last Seen in South Beach around 2004

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  • 1985

    Jack was a F body builder and wrestler, he died in 1998 in his auto repair shop in 5th

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  • 1986

    Heinz was last seen in South Beach in 1989 - if alive may still be in Germany

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  • 1987

    Chuck was a wrestler and workout maniac, died on his motocycle March 11th 1988 at the age of 63

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  • 1988

    Donna lives in chapel Hill, North Carolina with children and grandchildren

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  • 1989

    Eugene died in 1999 at age of 89 - checking auras in heaven

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  • 1990

    Mike is doing 33 years in prison, Riaford, Florida, for murder - due out in 2023

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  • 1991

    George died on April 1993 at age of 47 at the homeless mission in Seattle of a heart attack

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  • 1992

    Henry lives in Milton, Florida with his russian wife

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  • 1993

    Carmen had her circuits crossed. Last seen in South Beach in 1999

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  • 1994

    Don has lived in the Buenavista area of Miami for over 60 years. He met his wife at Raven's

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  • 1995

    Eugene was one of the most reliable coaches with his unkempt raggedy beard, shabby clothes, and hole- filled shoes.

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  • 1996

    Lives in South Beach, still practices medicine and looks for towels on the beach

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  • 1997

    Alan Attempted to kill President Clinton by walking on the beach with a gun towards the hotel where the

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  • 1998

    Died in 1998 at age of 56 of Cancer - His ghostly silloute can be seen at  the 5th street

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  • 1999

    Sandi retired and continues to speak loudly to her husband "Sailor"

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  • 2000

    Phil is still lifting weights and reciting poetry in South Beach.

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  • 2001

    Edwin continues to drinki alcohol out of garbage cans when on South Beach.

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  • 2002

    Ernie is fitted with a pace maker and a diffibrilator. He was last seen in 2004 on South Beach,

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  • 2003

    Gina was found in nursing home on 1st street in South Beach.  She Continues to feed birds and cats

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  • 2004

    Marco's Speedo bathing suit getting smaller around his increasing belly.  He is still in  contact with all law enforcement agencies

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  • 2005

    John replaced Catfood Lady as the bird feeder - Oldest living coach at 91 years of age as of 2013

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  • 2006

    Hyman resides in South Beach, continues to out talk everyone.

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  • 2007

    David became well known with his display of colorful looney tunes underwear, wetsuit and bikini briefs

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  • 2008

    Justin left us in March 2008 for a better beach up above. He lived in the Dunes behind Penrods

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  • 2009

    Cedric continues to sell cold water on the beach.  He offers Raven runners drinks with his one tooth smile.

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  • 2010

    homeless, alcoholic, feeds birds, annoying, colorful and has been around for quite a while. "last time"

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  • 2011

    Lights are on but nobody is home. Nelson Enjoys long conversations with the South Beach Sand.

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