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The Streak

31 Dec 2008

Over 35 years, 8 miles a day, 100,000 Miles, never missing a day.  Raven's story.

In 1970 Robert Kraft came back home to South Beach from Nashville and Las Vegas, where he tried to make it as a songwriter.

He started running with some boxers from the 5th Street Gym and slowly built up to 8 miles  He made a New Years resolution to run 8 miles a day for one year starting on January 1st, 1975.  He found the benefits mentally, physically and spiritually were all positive so he kept running 8 miles a day on the sands of South Beach

He has ran everyday since. (never missing a day). Over 900 runners ranging in age from 9 to 79, from 61 different countries and 47 states  have completed at least one 8 mile run with him

Everyone who completes the 8 miles gets a nickname and is added to The Raven List.  This is a run, not a race although many of the Raven Runners train for races, Raven trains to come back tomorrow. 

Raven has the longest known world running streak on the sand and in the same location.  He has seen every sunset, never been caught in rush hour traffic and turned what was a negative into a positive becoming an inspiration to others.