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K.O. Killer

Keith, "Killer" has been on the running list for more than 20 years but has known and run with Raven for 35 years.  As a matter of fact, Raven was the blind date for Killer’s wife Andreas’ friend from Switzerland.  What turned out to be a two night fling for Raven has been a 33 year marriage for Killer and Andrea.  Plus they share the same birthday – September 18th.  By the way, Raven, Bulldog and Coach Hawk attended their wedding on September 14th 1974.

When Raven met Killer he was a boxer out of the famous 5th Street gym.  Killer was trained by Angelo Dundee who trained (The Greatest) Muhammad Ali.  Killer used to say that Ali would avoid him in the gym because he was afraid of him and even though Killer fought as a middle weight, Ali just might have been afraid of Killer.  And, knowing the Killer, he wasn’t afraid of no man.

Killer was in the Marines for four years – from 1963 to 1967 and was the Golden Gloves Champion in New Mexico during his Marine Corps years.  After his marriage he lived in Canada, California, Georgia, and until now, has settled in Spring Hill, Florida.

Killer and Andrea have four children – Amanda “Roadrunner” who is on the Raven list, Natalie, Danny and Denise plus two grandchildren.  Killer’s son-in-law, Jeremy “Torpedo” is also on the Raven list and is a Navy Seal.

Killer comes to South Beach once or twice a year now that he lives closer and visits Raven and does the Raven run usually with 10 pound hand weights for which he won Event of the Year award for.  He also won the Trailblazer award for a runner who has been on the list for 10 or more years and still participates though they don’t have Hall of Fame numbers.

Killer has worked at a lot of jobs since his boxing career ended, e.g. Carpenter, Comedian, Car Salesman, Clown, Bartender, Paralegal, Mortgage and Real Estate Agent.  But his true talent is as a Writer and that’s where his heart lies and if anyone has some stories to tell its Killer.  He has lived a lot of them too.  He has written over 100 short stories including two on the Raven entitled “When the Eagle Flew with the Raven” and “Down Where the Raven Ran”.  His novels include “Semper Fi” and a true history of characters and lore of South Beach in the 60’s and 70’s entitled appropriately ”South Beach” which runs about 1,000 pages which he is still hoping to get published and perhaps get a movie deal for.  Recently, Killer had his first novel “Miami Rock” published which takes place here in the early 80’s.  In this book there is mention of Raven runners such as Bulldog, Lt. Wolfman, Algae Man, Springman plus Raven and Killer as themselves.  We urge everyone to pick up a copy of “Miami Rock”.  It’s a fun mystery/who-done-it read by one of the true characters on the run.

K.O. Killer has mellowed a little from his former rough and rowdy ways.  He believes in a higher power and we are glad he does.  A run with Killer is memorable and unforgettable.

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