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dizzyDizzy Issie is one of the most avid and best runners in the Raven Run.

He has completed multiple adventure races, marathons and ultramarathons but he is better known as the Raven runner who found love on the run.  Dizzy and Gypsy married in 2006 and now have a 2 year old daughter "Daniela" who completed her first Raven Run  pushed by Dizzy on her stroller just a couple of months after being born.

As a middle school vice-principal, he always has some interesting stories to tell.  He makes a difference where others would have given up.  He truly cares for the kids and although a daunting task, he is always ready and willing to offer a helping hand to the students.

Issie has climbed, in a very short time, to the top 6 runners of all time, winning Rookie of the Year in 2005, Athlete of the Year in 2006 and Runner of the Year in 2007.